About us

What is Code for Europe?

Code for Europe strives to solve local civic challenges, by enabling agile temporary teams of developers to create solutions that are easily reusable in other European cities. Our cities need to become smarter and the public sector needs to make use of innovation to stay ahead and create sustainable solutions to civic challenges.
By partnering technology experts with city halls we hope to create a code for Europe; using technology and open data to make our cities more efficient and sustainable.

What is our aim?

We are on a quest to help European cities become smart. We promote the release of
open data and the sharing of existing code in participating cities. By placing developers at the heart of city halls we enable cities and authorities to become more skilled in technological, user-driven innovation and bring new approaches to how to tackle civic problems.

Who is involved?

  • Code for Europe is overseen by a taskforce, made up of key representatives from the different partner organisations, they are in charge of coordinating the Code for Europe activities.
  • The partner organisations themselves offer ongoing support to fellow hosts.
  • Cities and authorities identify civic challenges, host fellows and provide access to relevant data and experts
  • Finally the fellows create interoperable solutions and become an agent of change for cities and authorities.