Allryder: making cities smarter

Berlin’s Civic Startup allryder has one goal: making cities smarter. Founded in 2014 by MaximNohroudi, Tom Kirschbaum and Stefan Kellner, the urban mobility app has ever since pursued the objective to give its users the best routes. Due to its intuitive user interface, beautiful design and formidable functionality and features, allryder has proven to be […]

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Clacks Kids: Giving rural families a helping hand

Most talk about civic technology focuses on what it can do for cities. But that neglects its possibilities for bringing countryside communities together. A Code for Europe project is reusing open source software to help parents access vital children’s services in a rural area of Scotland. Clackmannanshire is Scotland’s smallest council area, with 50,000 residents. […]

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FixBCN: Cleaning up Barcelona with open source

Barcelona’s citizens will soon have a simpler and more efficient way of reporting street issues, thanks to a Code for Europe project to bring open source software to the city’s services. FixBCN is being created for the Catalan capital by ?lhan Ad?yaman, a Code for Europe fellow placed at Barcelona’s city council. It’s based around the Open 311 system used […]

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